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International Business

Manufacture product locally, Provide service locally

KYC continues to grow as one of few infrastructure support company providing a wide range of products from manufacturing, quality control to sales & service in the rapidly growing Asian market.

Exports of construction machinery

Since 1968 KYC has exported ready-mixed concrete production plants, aggregate production plants, mixers and other construction machinery to Asian countries, the Middle East and Africa. KYC has delivered more than 900 plants overseas, contributing to the development of bridges, roads, dams, and other infrastructure, including official development assistance projects.

  • Algeria HBH60-6B
    Algeria HBH60-6B
  • Dubai HBH150-B
    Dubai HBH150-B
  • Vietnam HBH90-3B
    Vietnam HBH90-3B

Overseas production and quality control systems

We have formed technical partnership with mixer & plant manufacturers in India, China, Malaysia and other countries to supply reliable construction machinery to meet with the needs in the Asian market.

In 2011, our local subsidiary KYC (Suzhou) was established in Suzhou of China to manage quality of partner plants. We established a quality control system for products manufactured in China before exports to other countries.

In 2015 we established plant called KYC Vietnam to expand manufacturing capacity of scaffolding in Asia. In corporation with our mother factory in Nishiwaki, KYC Vietnam has design know-how and latest production technology with latest production facilities. We established a production system for high-value-added products such as next-generation Iq system.

  • KYC Vietnam
    KYC Vietnam
  • Next generation scaffolding TM System for Asia
    Next generation scaffolding
    TM System for Asia
  • Inside of KYC Vietnam
    Inside of KYC Vietnam

Expansion of sales offices in Asia and expansion into new fields

We have expanded our sales offices to Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian countries, starting from Singapore based sales subsidiary KMI Services established in 1980.

Recently, we have actively invested in Singapore and Philippines to develop new scaffolding service business.

In 2016 we acquired a local company in Singapore that handles scaffolding mantling service for the petroleum refining, medical, and chemical industries. After the acquisition, KYC Scaffolding and KYC Engineering Services were established as a service providing company and KYC Asia was established as a regional headquarters.

In the same year, we have established a joint-venture JP Systems Asia in the Philippine Republic, partnering with Equipment Engineers Inc., a subsidiary of general construction company, and Sanshin Co., Ltd., to start scaffolding rental business.

  • Technical training at KYC Scaffolding
    Technical training at KYC Scaffolding
  • Opening ceremony at JP Systems Asia
    Opening ceremony at JP Systems Asia
  • Shoring system OK support at highway project in Manila
    Shoring system OK support at highway project in Manila