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Development and Technology

KYC's unique technology

We have our unique technology in our four business domain.

  • Mixer and concrete plant technology in the time of high-strength concrete.
    Mixer and concrete plant technology in the time of high-strength concrete.
    Our mixing technology has lead the industry since we introduced twin shaft compulsory mixer in Japan initially. We propose bathing concrete plant from unit type to custom made according to request from clients.
  • Scaffolding of safety and efficiency
    We are a comprehensive manufacture of scaffolding to provide a wide variety of product; wedge lock system “Mono System” utilized in many situation, next generation scaffolding “Iq System” having new value, and light weight steel plank “Long Stage” usable for plant construction.
    Scaffolding of safety and efficiency
  • Reliable conveyor technology
    Reliable conveyor technology
    Our conveyor system represents the industry. It has been used widely in the field of carrying sand and gravel and also in plant of production & recycling.
    In addition to changing the length and customization, you may select steep conveyor and light weight conveyor from our lineup.
  • Environmental technology in mixing, air cleaning and liquid cleaning
    Planetary mixer to realize homogenous mixing is used to be tested in the field of agriculture, recycling or geo polymer concrete. Professional air cleaner and liquid cleaner can resolve the issue of air cleaning and liquid cleaning with our unique technology.
    Environmental technology in mixing, air cleaning and liquid cleaning

Development and Manufacturing System

In order to meet the needs for low-volume & wide-variety production, we consolidated production base in Nishiwaki city of Hyogo prefecture and we evolved our unique integrated production system. The design and development of major products are carried out at our main plant in Nishiwaki.

In 2013, we established a second plant in Nishiwaki with an automated line for scaffolding which can supply products to the market timely. In 2015, we established a new factory in Vietnam to strengthen our production system as a manufacturing plant for next-generation scaffolding Iq systems and scaffolding for the Asian market.

  • Nishiwaki Second Plant
    Nishiwaki Second Plant
    Latest design with solar panels, completed in 2013
  • Inside Nishiwaki Plant
    Inside Nishiwaki Plant
    Automated line of scaffolding deployed
  • Inside Nishiwaki Plant
    Inside Nishiwaki Plant
    Preparation of facilities for timely production

Challenges to the new field

KYC continues to develop products tailored to customer needs and develop products in entirely new fields, in addition to existing businesses. Engineering and development department play a central role in the development of new business. However, in order to broaden our business domain, we have also worked with business partners in overseas.

Since 2014 we have jointly developed products matching with the needs in Japanese market apart from their existing products. They have become unique solution to the clients.

  • Mobile Concrete Plant
    Mobile Concrete Plant
    High-performance planetary mixer is installed
  • Mechanical Lift for eleveter shaft
    Mechanical lift for maintenance
    The mechanism driven by electric drill is only unique technology in Japan
  • Electical Lift for construction
    Electrical Lift for construction
    Low floor type with single phase voltage